Cancellation of chase cancelling credit card customers
Automatic, and By Request


How do I Cancel a Chase Credit Card? |
If you find that you no longer need your Chase credit card, it is possible to cancel your account by speaking with a Chase customer service representative.


How to cancel a credit card - and close it without hurting your score
Anyone can take scissors to a credit card, but it takes skill to cancel a card without . users (think exes) who you would prefer no longer have access to the card.

Chase Cancels Your Credit Cards With No Notification - The ...
Jul 13, 2009 . >If you have any Chase credit cards, call to make sure they haven't been canceled . The rep told me my card had been cancelled. . If escalating things in the normal customer service channels doesn't work, we have some .

Automatic Termination

Chase Gave Me A Credit Card I Didn't Want - The Consumerist
Nov 30, 2009 . When I attempted to call Chase and cancel the card [I refused to return . 4-5 different departments, including customer service, credit accounts, .

Consumer Complaints about Chase Credit Cards
I called and the customer service person can't explain why and escalating . I was misled into signing up for Chase/Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card. . The Mastercard accounts were cancelled because the balances were eating me alive .

Cancellation by Request

Chase suddenly canceling consumer's credit cards |
Aug 12, 2009 . Chase suddenly canceling credit cards . Mutual bank last year, and now many former WaMu customers say chase is closing their credit cards.

Chase Credit Card Customer Service | Answers
Chase credit card customer service can be found online more free on . Writing a letter to cancel credit card · Goodyear credit card .

Chase Bank Contact Us | Phone Numbers
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Final Termination

Chase Credit Cards Customer Service
For all other inquiries about your credit card account, please call the phone number listed on your credit card statement or on the back of your credit card.

Credit-Card Companies Can Cancel Accounts Without Customer ...
Aug 12, 2009 . Ms. Schultz is one of 20 million former Washington Mutual credit-card holders who transitioned to Chase after WaMu was purchased last year.


$2 trillion in credit may be cut | The Columbus Dispatch
Dec 7, 2008 . Companies expected to cancel, cut back some consumers' cards . This is a feeling that many credit-card holders might come to share as lenders take . Pepper explained his commuting situation to a Chase customer service . Customer Discussions: Amazon Chase Visa credit card
I am in the process of closing all of my Chase credit cards, including my Amazon Chase Visa account. . I just sent a letter cancelling my account with Chase.